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Football Game


The Uganda Victims Foundation (UVF) and the African Youth Initiative Network (AYINET) are organising the War Victims’ Day on Sunday 30 May, in advance on the Review Conference of the International Criminal Court (ICC).

The highlight of the day will be a football game at 15.00 when delegates will play together with victims of war crimes from countries within the ICC’s jurisdiction.

Logistical Information:

The organisers have been thrilled by the positive an enthusiastic responses by victims, the general public, and ICC Review Conference Delegates.

Please find below a short compilation of useful information to make your experience of the War Victims day as enjoyable as possible.

Time: The stadium doors open 30 May at 9:00, the entertainment begins at 11:00 with a curtain raiser youth football game, this is followed by a musical concert at 13:00 with the biggest names in Ugandan Music: Jose Chameleone, Raga Dee, Peter Miles and Bobi Wine. The Opening Ceremony will start at 14:00, and the main game kick off will be at 15:00. The game will end at 18:00, and there will be more musical entertainment until 18:00. Please come early and allow ample time to clear the security checks.
Download the program for the day.

Transport: The host government are kindly providing transport for accredited ICC Review Conference delegates from Review Conference Hotels to the Mandela National Stadium and back at the end of the day - Ask your assigned protocol officer for details about this service. Taxis to the stadium should not cost more than 3000 Ugandan Shillings (US$1.40).

What to bring: All delegates should bring either their Review Conference official badge, their diplomatic credentials, or their passport and letter of accreditation to the Review Conference. Security measures will be very thorough due to the attendance of H.E. UN Secretary General BAN Ki-moon, H.E. President Museveni, and other VIPs. It is also recommended that spectators bring a hat, sunscreen, and plenty of water. If you would like to purchase souvenirs of the day, you should also bring a small amount of money. Please consider bringing donation to the victims’ groups organising the day, so that they may continue their work promoting justice and dignity for victims, it would be much appreciated.

Playing football?: If you are one of the many keen and exciting people who are playing football in the game, it is more imperative that arrive early. Please don’t forget to bring your football boots, if you have some. There will also be a limited number of shoes available for a small donation at the stadium. If you would like to bring an extra pair of football boots to leave for the victims and victims groups, it would be gratefully received. We will be supplying you with your football kit and customised shirts, please bring a bag to hold your belongings while playing. The changing rooms will be available for your use.

Please let us know if there is any further information we can provide. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us for any additional information or clarification by email at football@npwj.org Also, please keep checking the website for additional information.

Looking forward to seeing you in Kampala,
UVF, AYINET and the NPWJ support team.

...come play football with us!

The game will be a unique opportunity for world leaders and ICC Member State Delegates to spend some time with victims, before talking about victims at the Review Conference, as well giving a chance for victims to interact with delegates in an activity which they truly can own and can be proud of. Most importantly, it helps acknowledge us as survivors, individuals with rights and stakeholders in the rebuilding of societies, and not solely by their ‘victimhood’.

With the football game, we aim to amplify our message against impunity and for an effective international criminal justice system, drawing the eyes of the world on the rights of victims. We see this as an opportunity for the world’s leaders to stand with victims shoulder to shoulder as individuals. Preliminary indications are that H.E. Mr. BAN Ki-moon, Secretary-General of the United Nations, President Christian Wenaweser of the ICC ASP and His Excellency President Museveni of Uganda will join war victims on the football field, making a powerful image highlighting that the world leadership stands firmly on the side of the victims.

Please contact football@npwj.org for further information


War Victims’ Day...

"All are equal in the eyes of the referee,
All are equal in the eyes of the Law."
Victor Ochen

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